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What we do

Consulting - Excellence & Transformation - Empowering

We at concimus have clear ideas about what we do professionally. We bring the excellence from our experience and the successfully completed projects, be it in a large corporation or in SMEs and we implement the things - either together with the customer (empowering) or in the name of our customer. In order to give you a brief overview, we present three key points that we focus on:

  1. Where do we start in a project?

  2. How do we do that?

  3. How do we proceed?

  4. Exemplary subject areas

1. Where do we start in a project?

concimus goes beyond consulting - We transform innovative ideas into practical concepts that are designed to meet customer needs. The big difference to many consulting firms is that we at concimus accompany you continuously during the implementation of the recommended solution in the corresponding customer environment.


Optimize added value - Reduce costs

The procurement influences the value-added chain in almost all companies, regardless of size or industry. However, potential savings are often not recognized. We support you in strategic and operational procurement optimization.


Optimization of procurement & processes

  • sustainable cost reduction

  • increased profitability

  • improved competitive position

  • no layoffs and procedures

2. How do we do that?

  • Creating transparency
  • Recognizing potentials
  • Deduce measures
  • Realization

We stand for sustainable success!

Thorsten Schölver

3. A simplified description of our approach

Our business model is to optimize value added, i.e. to reduce costs, increase turnover and customer benefit so that profitable growth can be generated.


4. Exemplary subject areas